Visitor voices

A lot of different animals. Great is above all the keeping of the animals: large enclosures or in some cases the certain animals can move freely through the zoo. Entrance fee is okay. At the end is a small playground for children with slides etc. A small coffee is also at the zoo. You can also rent Bollerwagen for children. Parking by car is free and the parking is large.  Compared to the Alpine Zoo, the zoo in Ebbs is much nicer because you can see more animals.  The zoo is ideal with children.

Nadine, Friday , 25 October

I was there with a group of seniors. The system is largely barrier-free and can be used with a rollator and wheelchair. The staff (entrance and kiosk) is extremely friendly. I think that animal husbandry is also fine, as far as you can say about an animal park, but if you disagree with that, you should not visit a zoo.

George, Sunday, 29 September

I was very impressed by the rarity zoo. I have never seen such a beautiful little zoo, and I will recommend this zoo. Even if my journey is over 700 km I will visit you again. Keep doing this and give the animals a beautiful home. Greetings from Hanover

Hendrik, Sunday, 29 September

Hello. I was on my holiday in Austria in your zoo. He's really great! The greatest zoo I've ever been to. Super great and lovely animals. Have had many new experiences with your animals. The grey parrots, Kattas and nasal bears are the hammer! I hope you will have these great animals for a long time to come.
The next time I'm in Austria, I'll definitely be back. Top!! 🙂

Saskia, Wednesday, 18 September

We are from Nice and I stayed with you with my son he is 2 years old. The way through the forest to the zoo is just nice The zoo is in the green just super beautiful, great made! The animals are well cared for and healthy and they get enough to eat. The toilet is also worth seeing and very clean! Perfect! Bravo, we'll be back. Until soon and all the best.

Patricia, Monday, September 09

We were last year for the first and this year for the 2nd. times there, the zoo is great, for small and large, for old and young. There is a lot to see, you are close to the animals and can even buy suitable food for the respective animals. Many even eat out of hand. The way through the zoo is also great, you can get through everywhere with a stroller and wheelchair. The homepage is also very successful, you can find out what's new and where there are or will be newcomers. All great, we decided to visit this zoo at least once a year. Last year we were in autumn, this year in the summer, which is different. Maybe next year it will be a visit in spring !

Sabrina , Monday, 02 September

We were at your zoo for the first time on 13.6 and are just thrilled! How lovingly everything is designed! And the way you can get so close to the animals is just great. Also the idea with the feeding is great, hopefully there are not too many unreasonable people throwing around with foreign food! In addition, you can tell the animals that they are doing well, as relaxed as they are! We will certainly stop by more often!
Huge compliment to the operators!

Nicole, Tuesday, June 13 

to my 93! to bring a joy to the year's father-in-law, I chose the rarity Zoo Ebbs as my destination! We didn't have to notice the walk from the parking lot to the animals…… we were graciously led by Mrs. Marion Mayr by car to the supplier entrance! The zoo is enchanting…. the rare animal-types are in an excellent condition, young animals already romp here and there, the semi-monkeys are in the wild and came to us on a short "plauschen" ! The facility is very lovingly designed…. Flowers, an Easter scales, mini-alm huts and much more! Visiting this zoo is a must and warms heart, eye and soul! Once again, thank you very much to the zoo operators!!!!!

Elisabeth, Saturday, 09 April 

On the route planning for the summer holidays we discovered the rarity zoo Ebbs and took the opportunity to visit you. And what can I say? We were thrilled! Our hearts were touched by the free-living Kattas. It was as beautiful as this delicate black leathery little hand gently grabbed us on the finger, once left, once on the right looked and then eat the food (purchase at the entrance) out of the hand. So are the fast-flying hanging belly pigs! The bee showcase was also very interesting. So WE're sure to come back! There were a few so nicely relaxed hours with you. Greetings from Munich!

Sabine, Wednesday, 24 August 

We've been with you a lot of times in the last four years – simply because it's so beautiful. We learned from you from our neighbours. The manageable size makes a visit to the rarity zoo stress-free even for smaller children. A great experience for the little ones are the free-running/flying animals, and also that you can feed some animals! Equally important, however, is that the animals are doing well. You can see that this is the case. The entrance fee and the prices at the kiosk are fair.
If I were to put forward a proposal for improvement, it would be that of a general ban on smoking throughout the site, including the following. Free seat at the kiosk…

Michaela, Friday, 22 April

We had a great day in your rarity zoo today. It was our first visit and we were absolutely thrilled. For us (with two small children) just the right size. And the children thought it was great that you can get so close to the animals, partly. can also feed itself. We will definitely visit you again. And a thousand thanks to the nice lady at the kiosk who made our daughter happy. She did not want to buy any macaw feather, but exactly the one she found in an open enclosure. With such small gestures you can conquer children's hearts…

Thank you for the great day and see you again,

Kathi, Sunday, 30 July